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For Families

Poisons can be found in many homes. You may not be aware of the possible dangers that some of these products may pose. This section has information on how to keep your family safe.

Learn more about:
• Different poisons inside and around your home.
• How to prevent poisonings in children, adults and seniors.

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Hazard Symbols

Many household products have symbols on their labels. These symbols will tell you if the product is harmful. Learn more about Hazard Symbols.

Hidden Hazards

Some poisons do not have a symbol identifying them as being dangerous. Be aware of the potential danger of the products that you have in your home.

Poison Prevention

Many poisonings that occur in the home can be prevented. Be alert and prevent poisonings!

What is a Poison?

Poisons are found throughout the family home. Learn more about the dangers in your home.