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Ontario Poison Centre Celebrates 40 years!

2017 marks the 40th anniversary for the Ontario Poison Centre. Recently, we hosted a tea to bring together past and present friends of the OPC to celebrate this milestone. During the event we were able to reflect on many of the transformative changes we have experienced over the years, including:

  • Technology – For instance, poison information databases have gone from file cards to microfiche to online systems. Our calls used to be handled on rotary dial phones and now can be managed by voice-over IP computer technology! There have been so many advances!
  • Medical Direction – The OPC began under the direction of Dr. Raymond Ng in 1967. Later, it was overseen by Dr. Michael McGuigan for many years, and currently, the team is led by Dr. Margaret Thompson. All 3 medical directors were able to attend the event!
  • Personnel – The OPC has had many expert nurses and pharmacists working in the role of Poison Specialist over the years. Currently, we are a team of almost 30 expert health care professionals.

Happy anniversary Ontario Poison Centre!