POISON ALERT UPDATE: Pyridoxine injectable is backordered. See recommendations.

Laundry Pod Challenge

Over the past five years, the Ontario Poison Centre (OPC) has received upwards of 2,000 calls relating to single-use laundry packet exposure. Recently, OPC has been made aware of the social media “challenge” relating to biting into or eating single-use laundry packets and has received calls directly attributable to this misuse.

OPC data shows the Centre has seen a slight increase in calls relating to single-use laundry packet exposure so far this year. This data reflects calls from all three of OPC’s jurisdictions (Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut).

Misuse of single-use laundry packets can have significant health consequences and may be life threatening. Known potential effects include profuse vomiting, seizures, difficulty breathing and coma.

If you or someone you know has ingested a single-use laundry packet, call your local poison centre immediately. If you suspect someone has ingested a single-use laundry packet and they are having difficulty breathing or are unconscious call 911.