Read more about the dangers of the social media "Laundry Pod Challenge."

News & Events

  • 01.18.18 Laundry Pod Challenge
    The Ontario Poison Centre warns of the dangers of ingesting single-use laundry packets
  • 10.18.17 Ontario Poison Centre Celebrates 40 years!
    The Ontario Poison Centre has been providing telephone advice since 1967. Recently, we hosted an event celebrating the last 40 years.
  • 08.15.17 French Website Launched!
    As of August 15, 2017 will be available in both English and French! Learn more!

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Current Top 10

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The Ontario Poison Centre regularly determines "Top 10" lists, identifying the top 10 most common types of exposures managed by the Specialists in Poison Information. Over time, these lists have changed to reflect regulatory changes and other trends happening in Ontario. Learn more about which poisons have made the list.


Hidden Hazards

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We often check a product’s label to decide whether it is safe when trying to make our homes safe for our families. However, there are many items that do not have a hazard symbol on a label to warn us of dangers. It is very important to be aware of potential dangers of anything we bring into our homes. Learn more about some of these hidden hazards.



Who we are

The Ontario Poison Centre (OPC) is a telephone toxicology consultation service providing expert poison advice 24 hours a day to the public and health-care professionals in Ontario. Our staff includes nurses, pharmacists and physicians highly trained in treating poisonings and drug overdoses.


How we can help

We provide expert poison advice about common poison exposures such as medicine, plants and industrial chemicals. Our expert team can provide you with poison prevention information and educational materials. We provide toxicology consultation for health care professionals to help treat their poisoned patients.


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You can call our team of poison experts at the Ontario Poison Centre 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are here to answer your call!

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