POISON ALERT! Changes to acetaminophen overdose recommendations go live Tues June 4 2019 at 0700!! Read more

Health-care Professionals

The Ontario Poison Centre provides toxicology consultation to health-care professionals regarding the care of the poisoned patient. Our toxicology experts will collaborate with other health-care professionals to advocate for optimal, current and evidence-based care of the poisoned patient. If you have a patient with a poison exposure, call us and we can help you with information on poison management.



Learn more about the recommended list of common antidotes for stocking in the Emergency Department.


Learn more about how the Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA) impacts a health-care professional's ability to provide the Ontario Poison Centre with a patient's personal health information.

Opioid Overdose Management

In response to Ontario's current opioid crisis, the OPC has created recommendations for health-care professionals as well as the lay-rescuer, based on the most current evidence. Learn more here.