Toxicology Times

Disclaimer: This information is for health care providers for educational purposes only. It is not designed or intended to constitute medical advice or to be used for diagnosis.

Toxicology Times is written and edited by a Certified Nurse Specialist in Toxicology (CSPI) at the Ontario Poison Centre for the practicing Critical Care and Emergency Nurse in Ontario. Medical content is approved by the Medical Director. This newsletter is not meant to be circulated beyond Registered Health Care providers in the Emergency or Critical Care setting and is not meant for the development of protocols, order sheets or to replace real time consultation with the Specialist in Poison Information or Toxicologist in your respective province when a poisoned patient presents to the Emergency or Critical Care Department.

Please note that information provided in the newsletter may not be applicable to your practice setting should you be out of an Emergency or Critical Care setting, out-of-province, or out-of-country. Information provided in any newsletter may also become dated, as best practice and majority opinions evolve over time. This newsletter is not meant to be archived.

Margaret Thompson, MD, FRCP(C),
Medical Director, Ontario Poison Centre

Michael Chiles, RN, CSPI
Editor, Toxicology Times,
Ontario Poison Centre