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Ontario Poison Centre

Hand and body lotions

Hand and body lotions


Hand and body lotions are a combination of water, oils, and often fragrances and preservatives. These products are not toxic when swallowed in exploratory ingestions, unless they are medicated (ex/muscle rubs, sunscreens). May cause an upset stomach if swallowed.

Poisoning Risk


Expected Symptoms

  • Possible upset stomach (discomfort, nausea, isolated episode of vomiting or diarrhea).

Home Treatment

  • Provide something to drink for dilution.
  • For eye exposures, rinse eyes for at least 15 minutes with lukewarm water, then call the Poison Centre for further advice.

*Note: If lotion or cream is medicated, it may have additional ingredients that may be harmful. Call the Poison Centre right away if this is the case.


  • Every case is different. OPC is available 24hrs/day to provide information for your individual situation. Call 1-800-268-9017 (Toll-free) or 416-813-5900 (Local).



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