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National Poison Prevention Week

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National Poison Prevention Week was endorsed by the United States congress in 1961 and was designated to take place annually, during the third full week of March. In the early 1980s, Poison Centres across Canada also began to promote Poison Prevention Week during this same week.

Canadian poison centres continue to promote Poison Prevention Week through a variety of activities. Each year, they work closely with media representatives, as well as community partners such as Safe Kids Canada and Health Canada to promote poison safety messages.

National Poison Prevention Week: Prevention is Key! March 22-26, 2022

In recognition of National Poison Prevention Week, the Ontario, Manitoba, and Nunavut Poison Centres would like to raise awareness about cannabis safety with a focus on safe storage and reducing access to children.

Since legalization of cannabis in 2018, the Poison Centre* has seen a shocking increase in cases of children accidentally eating edible cannabis products and requiring hospitalization. In 2018, we answered 71 cannabis edible related calls compared to the 718 calls we received in 2021. That is an increase of over 820% in four years!

Easy access due to improper storage has been the common denominator leading to an increase in children consuming cannabis edibles. In many of these cases, these products look almost identical to desserts, treats and popular brands of candy. 

Thanks to a generous grant from Parachute, we have been able to partner with over 40 community organizations to help promote safer medication/cannabis storage at home by distributing just over 1000 free safety locks and 50 safety bags.

Throughout the month of March, we will also be distributing Ontario Poison Centre fridge magnets with our phone number. These are great to have in a visible place in your home in case of emergency. If you would like to some magnets for your organization to distribute, please contact us via email

Follow us for Poison Prevention information and local participation in Ontario during National Poison Prevention Week.

Stay up to date with us during National Poison Prevention Week by looking for hashtags:

#CheckforPoisons (Canada)
#NPPW2022 (North America)

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