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Ontario Poison Centre
DMPS available from supplier
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DMPS available from supplier

September 8, 2023
DMPS available from supplier

British Anti-Lewisite (BAL) was the only chelator approved by Health Canada for the treatment of acute lead, mercury and arsenic poisonings; however, BAL has now been discontinued and is no longer available in Canada.

Due to supply issues with BAL, since 2019, the Ontario Poison Centre has recommended that DMPS (2,3-dimercapto-1-propane sulfate) be stocked as an alternative chelator for acute treatment of lead, mercury and arsenic poisonings. OPC continues to recommend that individual hospital pharmacies or those with antidote sharing agreements procure DMPS from Health Canada Special Access Program (SAP) for “Future Use” for this indication.

OPC has been notified that DMPS stocks are currently available from the supplier.
Contact information for antidote suppliers can be found on the Canadian Antidote Guide

OPC recommends that every Emergency Department have a chelator in their antidote stocks for these indications. However, should chelator be unavailable, and a patient with acute heavy metal poisoning presents to hospital, DMPS or remaining BAL stocks might potentially be borrowed from surrounding hospitals at that time. As always, chelation for treatment of acute heavy metal poisonings should be started in consultation with the Ontario Poison Centre.

Connie Mackenzie, MD, MSc
Assistant Medical Director, Ontario Poison Centre


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